Naito One is a swiss innovative IT company.
The company was founded in 2019 by Tim Winkelmann under the name "Naito One Winkelmann".

Photo of the CEO Tim Winkelmann, IT specialist
CEO Naito One

Our goal is to provide intelligent and useful services and products, at first for companies, but also for private clients in the future.

Our company has for objective to satisfy both it's clients and it's employes. For that purpose, we also innovate in the domain of work environment.
If working with us sounds interresting, please check out the Jobs page, we might be looking for you.

The Studio

As well as an IT service provider, Naito One is also a digital creation studio.

The studio's goal is to deliver custom products in the field of communication, such as video spots or posters, and to explore the emerging technologies to create content in innovative ways.