trending_down Having trouble decreasing your water, gas, oil or electricity consumption?
eco Maybe you are looking for a way to improve your environmental image?
notifications Or maybe you want to keep an eye on the temperature of your premises?

Meters was developped to answer your needs!
After installing sensors on your water, gas, oil or electricity meters, or installing temperature sensors in your premises, Meters allows you to monitor your data.


Your data is accessible at any time through a modern web interface, usable on smartphones, tablets and desktops.
On the web platform, you can view charts of the evolution of your temperatures or your consumption.
Go to the Meters platform

No more excuses now. You have access to all of the data. If there is an overconsumption of water every Tuesday between 14h and 15h30, you see it. All there's left is to find the cause of it.

You can download your data in different formats in order to analyse it with your favourite tools, or to include it in presentations.
A dashboard allows you to save your most useful charts for quick access.

Meters Dashboard


Is it hard to give yourself energy consumption objectives? Thanks to Meters, you can define concrete objectives monthly or weekly in order to be kept up to date by email on your progress.


You want to be alerted when the temperature of a premise gets abnormally high or low? Meters provides you with an email alert tool.

Meters Alerts

For the big and small ones

Meters was conceived with small companies as well as big companies in mind. You have resources on multiple sites? You will be able to find them easily through an intelligent search.

Multi access

You need accesses for multiple of your employes? No problem. They will each have their dashboard, alerts and objectives.


To learn all there is to know about the features of Meters, head to the Wiki by clicking here.

Our clients include

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How much does it cost

Interested in the product? You can use the tool below to estimate the total cost for your specific needs.
The estimate includes the hardware's cost, it's installation and the service per month. The service includes the hosting of your data, the access to the platform, the support and replacment of defected hardware.
Please note that the prices shown below do not count as a quotation and that actual prices may vary.
Please get in touch to recieve a complete quotation for free.

How many years do you wish to pay at once?

one sensor
2 sensors
Discount per sensor per month: CHF 2.5 Global service discount: 15%
CHF 740
then CHF 16,5 / month

Only meters eqquiped with the M-BUS, SCR+ or IEC 62056-21 technology can be read from. Naito One does not offer the replacement of the meters in it's services. Any change must be undertaken by the client. A Wifi network must cover the location of the sensors. Naito One does not offer the installation or extension of Wifi networks in it's services. The update of the network must be undertaken by the client. A household outlet must be available for each sensor. Naito One does not offer the installation or extensoin of electrical installations in it's services. The client must ensure the availability of power outlets.

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